Laser Treatment for Fistula & Fissures

Laser Treatment for Piles

Hemorrhoids, commonly known as Piles, is a condition where the naturally occurring anal cushions enlarge abnormally and cause trouble. These anal cushions when enlarged can cause pain, bleeding and protrude out of the anus during passing motions.

There are 2 types of hemorrhoids:

  • Internal Hemorrhoids: This is when the swelling occurs inside the anus or the rectum
  • External Hemorrhoids: Here, the hemorrhoids occur outside the anus and are most common and bothersome.

The treatment of hemorrhoids has been traditionally done by surgically cutting and removing the pile masses.

The advent of LASER has revolutionized this treatment.

Why Laser Treatment for Piles?

Fundamental difference between LASER vs other methods of Piles treatment is:

In this method, no tissue is cut or removed from the anus. The anal cushions have been found to have very important function in the process of control of defecation(passing stools). All the traditional methods aimed at cutting and removing the cushions .In contrast, LASER just replaces them back in position and shrinks them at the same time painlessly.

This makes the LASER method more safe and has the least disturbance to the normal anal functioning.

Advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles

  • Laser treatment for piles is painless
  • Laser procedure is Accurate and precise
  • It is a Bloodless procedure
  • Doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues and prevents compilations
  • Short recovery time (can reach office the next day)

How is Laser Treatment for Piles done?

LASER uses a focused beam of light from a source to generate energy. This beam when focused into a pile mass shrinks it by sealing the blood vessels inside the pile. It also fixes the anal cushion so that it no longer can come out of the anus.

Although laser treatments are very effective and precise, they tend to be at the costlier side as specialized equipments and tools are used. Patients who suffer first, second or third degree hemorrhoid condition in the anal area are given the option of laser.

LASER treatment when done by a skilled colorectal surgeons gives excellent results and the patient goes home on the same day of the procedure.