Liver Transplantation Surgery

liver transplantation surgery

The liver is the second most common organ for transplant, after the kidney. This represents the status of the liver disease eminent in the community. Liver transplant is one of the major surgery with full of challenges and post operative complications, thus requires prior counselling of the liver transplant surgery candidate and his family to understand the basic process involved with liver transplant surgery.

Orthotopic liver transplant surgery

This is the most common method used for the liver transplant surgery . In this procedure of liver transplant surgery, failed liver is removed from the patient's body and a healthy donor liver is transplanted at the same location.

ndications for liver transplant surgery

liver transplant surgery is advised only when the liver is not able to function adequately. Liver can present sudden failure of the function due to some infection or it can present as the end result of a long term problem.

Following condition may result in liver failure.

  • 1. Chronic hepatitis with cirrhosis
  • 2. Primary biliary cirrhosis - A rare disease where immune system inappropriately attack and destroy the bile ducts causing liver failure
  • 3. Sclerosing cholangitis - Some infection leads to the scarring and narrowing the bile ducts causing the retention of bile inside the liver, which sometimes leads to the liver failure
  • 4. Biliary atresia - A congenital disorder, where bile duct is inappropriately developed, causing poor function of the bile duct, causing liverfailure.
  • 5. Alcoholism
  • 6. Wilson's disease - A hereditary disease,where copper get abnormally deposited throughout the body, including the liver, thus causing Liver failure
  • 7. Hemochromatosis - Its another hereditary disease where iron get abnormally deposited in the body organ including liver causing failure of the organ
  • 8. Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency - Metabolic disorder, where accumulation of the alpha 1 antitrypsin protein in the liver,due to improper metabolism of the protein, causing cirrhosis of liver