More than 1000 laparoscopic surgeries

More than 200 advanced laparoscopic surgeries

More than 150 laparoscopic/ open surgeries for GI cancer.

20+ years of experience in surgical gatroenterology

Unparellel Expertise in Liver Transplantation

GI Cancer and colonic Tumor and Bariatric Surgery

National authority in Liver pancreas surgery.

Expert in function preserving Liver and pancreas cancer suregry.

More than 750 pancreas surgeries for benign and malignant conditions.

More than 100 transplant as lead surgeon and visiting consultant in hyderabads top hospitals

National authority in Liver pancreas surgery.

Expert in function preserving Liver and pancreas cancer suregry.

More than 750 pancreas surgeries for benign and malignant conditions.

More than 100 transplant as lead surgeon and visiting consultant in hyderabads top hospitals

Dr. Chetan Mahajan

M.B.B.S : SETH G.S.MEDICALCOLLEGE & K.E.M Hospital , Mumbai ,1995
M.S : Bombay Hospital , Mumbai ,2000
D.N.B : Diplomat of National Board , New Delhi , 2002

Dr. Chetan Mahajan is one of the leading specialists in areas of Surgical Gastreontrology, liver diseases and transplantation, pancreas and bile duct treatments. He completed his education from K.E.M. and Bombay Hospital. He also is the member of National Academy of medical Sciences, a fellow of surgical Gastroenterlogy from NIIVS, Hyderabad, Fellow Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation from Gleneagles Hospital of Singapore, FAIS and FICS. He holds over 20 years of rich experience in dealing with various aspects of the digestive system especially liver, pancreatic diseases. Presently he is working as a Consultant. Surgical Gastroenterologist and Hepatobiliary Surgeon of Deccan Hospitals, CARE group of hospitals, along with running MANKINDD, a highly advanced centre which is a one stop centre for all gastro related diseases it is equipped with state-of-the art operation theatre. He is an experienced consultant who has an unparalled expertise in setting up a liver transplant center. Dr. Mahajan has immense experience in surgeries related to liver, pancreas & Biliary tree. He is also experienced in handling GI cancers, Colonic tumors etc. He has been doing Bariatric Surgery (weight loss surgery) with great success.

GI Services

We are giving you a glimpse of specialized surgical gastroenterology services we offer. This will include a wide range of complex surgeries pertaining to the GI tract, Liver & Pancreas. A comprehensive liver care unit is another unique feature of our set up. A few of the complex surgeries and procedure are listed below.

Common symptoms –
Severe abdominal pain
Vomiting and nausea
High grade fever

Pancreatitis has become a major health hazard which if not treated properly can lead to morbidity and mortality..It needs a comprehensive management in terms of intensive care, radiological & surgical management

This has been very provided at our hospital .

That outcome if acute pancreatitis is unfavorable has been proved wrong. The department specializes in care for acute pancreatitis. Various procedures for drainage of intra abdominal collections or pus are routinely performed.

Laparoscopic or open surgery for pancreatic abscess or necrotizing pancreatitis are routinely done.

Laparoscopic or open surgery for pancreatic abscess or necrotizing pancreatitis are routinely done.

Intractable abdominal pain not responding to regular analgesics. Pancreatic endocrine and exocrine insufficiency leading to fat malabsorption, dyspepsia, early Diabetes etc

Patient develops intractable pain due to chronic pancreatitis & obstruction of main pancreatic duct. These patients also develop behavioral, social problems as well as drug dependence for analgesics. These patients are managed collectively by surgeons, gastroenterologists.

Lateral pancreaticso jejunostomy:-

This is procedure done for chronic pancreatitis with dilated MPD, where a loop of small intestine is joined to the MPD for the effective drainage of pancreatic secretions after removal of all the stones.

Resectional surgery for pancreatitis:-
Resectional surgeries for chronic pancreatitis have a major role.
This is because in many patients a chronic pncreatitis head mass may have underlying malignanacy, which may be difficult to prove pre operatively.

This surgery involves the resection(removal) of the diseased portion of the pancreas. It could be resection of the body, tail of pancreas. Sometimes a major surgery is done for the disease in the head region of pancreas known as inflammatory head mass.

Internal / External drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts

Cysts are the remainant collections which are located around the pancreas after an attack of pancreatitis. They are treated endoscopically, percutaneously , or by surgery according to individual needs of the patients and the nature and severity of the disease.

Various types of tumors affect the pancreas few of them are:-
1. Cancer of head of pancreas.
2. Periamfullary tumors.
3. Being/Malignant neuroendocrine tumors(Eg. Insulinoma, Vipoma etc.)
4. Cystic tumors of Pancreas.
Surgery management is resection for the above mentioned conditions are done with acceptable morbidity and mortality.

Acute liver failure is a critical disease needing a multidisciplinary approach and experience. Depts. has specialized teams of surgeons, intensivists, nursing team with special LIVER ICU for managing these patients.

Very few centers offer emergency & elective surgeries for this debilitating condition. The procedures performed are restorative procto colectomy, diversion ileostomies or colostomies .
This is followed by medical treatment given by a team of medical gastroenterologists.

Management of these conditions is very complex and at times interventional radiology back up. Radical excision of biliary strictures due to hilar cholangio carcinoma with / without liver resection is done. Benign stricture care merged with bilio.

These complex surgeries are being successfully done for hepatico cellular carcinoma (Hepatoma /HCC/ primary cancer of liver ) , metastasis from colorectal malignancies metastasis , of and cholangiocarcinoma with a fully operation theatre surgeries & further M streamlined .
There are various types of liver resections – right hepatectomy, left hepatectomy, left lateral segmentectomy, non anatomical resections etc.

Radio frequency ablation ( RFA ) & Trance arterial chemoembolisation ( TACE ) for HCC These are effective , non surgical modalities for treatment of HCC . the patient doesn’t need a long hospitalization & anesthesia with good control of HCC which are not amiable for surgical treatment .

Hepatitis B &; C are spreading like an in India & Asian countries. Early detection & antiviral therapy will be useful in control of the disease & delaying liver cirrhosis, liver failure & malignancy. Department has special OPD for dealing with these conditions.

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